New American Festival is an annual celebration of diversity and immigrant
contributions to the arts

All Entrepreneurs

Adrian Espinoza, Empanada Club

Amrita Thadani, NEOCOCO

Ana Cristina Camarena Romo, AnadeMexicoDesigns

Andrea Ley, Olla Express Cafe

Angela Zeng, Karuna Beverages

Anja Kroencke, Of Unusual Kind

Belen Rodriguez, Quebracho

Benny Samuels, Project Style Denver

Berthalina Garcia Marrufo and Rommy Romero, BeNatural

Bryan Chunton, Eat Gai

Daphne Benzaquen, Daph

Elise Ngati, Nahvoa

Emmanuel “Manny” Diaz, Dominican Cravings

Fatou Doumbia

Fatou Doumbia, Djimi Djama

Grace Kinda, Iber! Naturals

Hussein Al-Baiaty, Refutees

Irma Marmalejo, Puebla

Jasz Dio and Cheikh Biaye, Tackussanu Senegal

Javion Blake, Jus_Chill

Jen Owens and Morgan Noll, Forai

Julio Zegarra-Ballon, Zee Bee Market

Lenin Costas, Don Ceviche

Leticia Seitz, Arte Rojo

Lili Klu, Lili Kouture

Lisa Hu, Lux & Nyx

Lorena Cantarovici, Maria Empanada

Louisa Shafia, Feast By Louisa

Madelle Kangha, Elledam

Manuel Manolo Betancur, Manolo's Latin Bakery

Mariama Sadio Lee, Yama Elegance

Marianella Febres-Cordero and David Foote, Marianella

Michalea Grob, Riverdel

Michelle Lasnier, Ruby's Market

Ming-Ming Tung-Edelman, Refugee Arts Initiative

Ming Yi Chen and Ching Yeh, Pearl River

Nafy Flatley, Teranga

Natali Koromoto Martinez, Natali Koromoto

Nora Anaya, Ta Contento

Patrick Tcheunou, Bibamba

Pilar Rigon & Bernardo Notargiacomo, Mille Nonne

Radouane ElJaouhari, Zerza

Saad Bourkadi, Essex Olive & Spice

Sandra Lopez, Arte TK

Sara Nassr, Zaki Mediterranean Cuisine

Sara Patino, Sara Patino Jewelry

Simona Bunardzhieva, Simoneone

The Cabeza Family, You Can Call Me YOKO

Yehimi Cambrón, Monarchs of Gold

Zonya Dawson, saranyacooksthai

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Since its inception in 1818, New York City’s Essex Market has been a shopping destination and gathering place for immigrants living and working on the Lower East Side.

Throughout its history and into today, Essex Market’s affordable and speciality offerings come from across the globe—from Caribbean-imported green bananas and yucca, to spices from Morocco and traditional fare from Italy, Japan, and more. The market continues to be a place where immigrant entrepreneurs can share their culture and talent through food and speciality products, even as the neighborhood changes.

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