New American Festival is an annual celebration of diversity and immigrant
contributions to the arts

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Grace Kinda

Founder of Iber! Naturals

"What was most rewarding is building a diverse community of kind people interested and invested in what we do - promotion, education and celebration of African knowledge and holistic care. The community grows daily."

— Grace Kinda, founder of Iber! Naturals View Website

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Since its inception in 1818, New York City’s Essex Market has been a shopping destination and gathering place for immigrants living and working on the Lower East Side.

Throughout its history and into today, Essex Market’s affordable and speciality offerings come from across the globe—from Caribbean-imported green bananas and yucca, to spices from Morocco and traditional fare from Italy, Japan, and more. The market continues to be a place where immigrant entrepreneurs can share their culture and talent through food and speciality products, even as the neighborhood changes.