Hong Wu


Hong Wu moved to NYC with her family in 1997 from Guangzhou, China. After a long career in men’s fashion design, in 2020, she decided to commit to her artistic practice, with an emphasis on sustainability and advocacy.

Hong’s work interrogates the social discourse rooted in Imperialism, Colonialism, Capitalism, and their relationships with recent social movements. She hopes to inspire collective creative solutions to make our world more just and green. She also aims to promote immigrant joy and representation, and to spark conversations among young children from immigrant families on engaging in promoting civic rights and responsibilities.

With an emphasis in creative use of upcycled materials, Hong experiments with photography, illustration, textiles, mixed media and digital art, and continues to explore new media that extrapolate progressive messages. Hong often incorporates public interactive experience components in her works to challenge the audience’s sensual and emotional responses.   

She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


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